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1 MiniPod · 3 spikes aluminum · 1 black hoop

The MiniPod is one of the world’s most recognized loudspeakers. Since its launch in the early 1990’s, the MiniPod has set a benchmark for what can be achieved, when moving away from conventional square box designs. 

MiniPod’s unique appearance did not happen by accident. The contemporary design exemplifies the term ‘form - follows-function’, with each of the three integrated spheres reducing the unwanted influence the cabinet has on the acoustic performance normally associated with more traditional speakers. When combined with the soft-dome tweeter and woven Kevlar bass driver, the result is a speaker that can be placed anywhere – and yet still reproduce the high-end sound the Podspeakers are known for.

The Minipod is perfect for a simple stereo setup, TV-set with e.g. wall brackets or surround sound system. Performance this good, combined with the unique design, makes the MiniPod one of the world’s finest design loudspeakers, and therefore a good investment for the generation of people interested in design and music.

Matt Black, Matt Red and Satin White are the colours that shape the Podspeakers. The cabinet is understated and cool with its matt finish – and the housing material has glass fibers added, which at the same time reduces the cabinet resonance and enhances the housing strength. Overall it gives the plastic cabinet an even better performance.

The Kevlar driver in dark grey colour with concave dust cap, adds perfectly to a modern look – and for a modern acoustic sound, the x-overs and Kevlar woofers have been re-designed in 2019. The result: An ‘airy touch’ with more clear, yet balanced vocals and controlled bass performance, but still with the acoustic signature that makes it a Podspeaker.


Hoops and spikes - mix and match

With the unique ‘Hoops and Spikes’ you can mix and match your own style of speakers. Do you want to go for the Nordic soft furniture wooden look? Or maybe the raw and metallic look? Or why not just create your own summer/spring or autumn/winter set-up filling the seasons with your favourite music for both your eyes and ears? You have endless opportunities available to match your unique lifestyle.

The Hoops around the Kevlar driver are easily mounted magnet solution. The standard comes in black – but for you, who wants to put your own touch on the listening experience, they can be bought in following colours: Wooden Light Oak, Wooden Dark Oak, Aluminum Soft Gold, Aluminum Dark Metal, Aluminum Soft Silver.

Originally the Spikes are designed for improving the resonance functionality. No matter the volume, they stand ground for minimizing the vibration from your home décor in contrary to square box speakers. The Spikes are easily switched and comes in the following colours: Wooden Light Oak, Wooden Dark Oak, Aluminum Soft Gold, Aluminum Dark, and Aluminum Light.

The wall bracket has been specially designed to complement the aesthetics of the MiniPod while functioning as a fully adjustable mount for suspending the speakers on walls and ceilings.


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MiniPod Bluetooth
Stereo Pack til TV & PC

Select this set if you want stereo without an amplifier - the MiniPod Bluetooth speaker has a built in amplifier
Take one MiniPod Bluetooth and connect one MiniPod passive speaker by using a speaker cable and you have a perfect stereo speaker setup. A powerful audio solution for a simple stereo setup using well known and user friendly Bluetooth technology.

1 MiniPod BT · 1 MiniPod HiFi · 2 x 3 spikes aluminum · 2 x black hoop · optical cable

Stereo Pack

Select this set if you already have an amplifier
The original Podspeaker. Connect two MiniPod HiFi loudspeaker with a good quality stereo amplifiers to create the perfect stereo set up. 

2 x MiniPod HiFi · 2 x 3 spikes aluminum · 2 x black hoop

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2-vejs hifi højttaler
Glasfiber forstærket ABS plast kabinet
Farver; sort mat, rød mat, hvid satin (silkemat)
5" bas med Kevlar membran
Spikes og Hoops (tilbehør)
Vægbeslag (tilbehør)

Tekniske specifikationer

System: 2-vejs bass reflex

Anbefalet forstærker: 10 - 150 Watt i 8 Ω
Nominel Impedans: 4 Ω
Frekvensområde: 55 - 22.000 Hz 
Følsomhed: 91 dB SPL (2,83v / 1m)

  -  1" (25mm) soft dome tweeter
  -  5" (130mm) bas med Kevlar membran

Det får du
1  MiniPod højttaler
3  spikes aluminum, silver
1  hoop, sort
Bredde: 210 mm
Højde: 340 mm (440 mm med spikes)
Dybde: 200 mm
Download MiniPod Datasheet (size 361 KB)