HiFi Loudspeakers

HiFi speakers are "passive", meaning they require an external power amplifier in order to operate. So, you will need an amplifier for your HiFi speakers.
With a passive speaker you will also need speaker cables, to be able to transfer the sound from the amplifier to the speakers.
Passiv speakers are not an all-in-one system, that is why you have to make sure your speakers and amplifier are compatible. This is important. If they are not compatible you might risk destroying your speakers, or less dramatic but still annoying, you simply won’t get the optimal performance - and you don’t want that.

HiFi speakers pros:

  • You can upgrade your speakers or separately without having to replace an entire system.
  • Passive speakers are lightweight since they do not contain an amplifier. This means they’re easier to move around and install. 


HiFi speaker con:

  • You will need an amplifier, and maybe you find it hard to figure out what to buy - that´s ok, we will be happy to help you at Podspeakers - always feel free to contact our support team at: hello@podspeakers.com
  • The amplifier must be located relatively close to the speaker.