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Seeing design speakers with super-good sound quality is definitely not every day! But at Podspeakers, we are masters of the tricky art of making smart design with true HiFi performance.

This small, almost spherical, palm-sized loudspeaker has now been upgraded with brand new components (tweeter, woofer and crossover) and comes in three nice satin matte finishes, white, black and red.

MicroPod has been given the Kevlar bass/midrange woofer we know from the bigger MiniPod. The sophisticated 19mm soft-dome tweeter with neodynium magnet is a smaller version of the one used in the larger MiniPod. 
With the new components, the MicroPod has got real HiFi qualities. It reproduces music and movie sound more clearly and with more detail than previous versions and is now much closer to the larger MiniPod in terms of sound.

Put the MicroPod directly on a shelf, or use it with the three aluminum spikes. You can also get special wall brackets for the MicroPod, and with them, you can face the loudspeaker in the direction that gives the best sound reproduction.

With a size like a grapefruit, a MicroPod has its natural limitations in the deep bass area. If you are going to use it in a stereo or home theater, we recommend that you connect a good quality subwoofer.

Five pieces of MicroPod connected to a good AV receiver and a subwoofer are a perfect home theater speaker system when space matters. Such a system can play more than loud enough in most rooms and living rooms, and the sound is impressive in size.

You can easily use the MicroPod with wireless wifi multi-room audio systems - connect via amplifiers such as SONOS Amp, HEOS Amp, and BLUESOUND Powernode.


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Stereo Pack

Pakke med to MicroPod 

Tilslut to MicroPod højttalere med  din hifi forstærker, AV surround receiver eller multirums-forstærker - ægte stereo i kompakt indpakning.

2 MicroPod · spikes soft silver

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HiFi Systemser
SONOS Amp - multirum

 - multirum
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2-vejs system
Glasfiber forstærket kabinet i ABS plast
Højglans-lakerede kabinetter
3" bas med gul Kevlar membran
3/4"" soft dome diskant
Spikes (extra tilbehør)
Vægbeslag (extra tilbehør)
Tekniske specifikationer
System: 2-vejs "closed box"
Anbefalet forstærker: 10 - 100 Watt RMS
Nominel Impedans: 4 Ω
Frekvensområde: 65 - 20.000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
Delefilter frekvens: 2500 Hz
Følsomhed: 86 dB spl (2,83v / 1m)
  - 3" (75mm) bas med gul Kevlar membran
  - 3/4" (19mm) softdome diskant

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1 MicroPod Classic
1 brugervejledning
Dimensioner Bredde: 125 mm
Højde: 160 mm
Dybde: 114 mm
Højttalerens vægt: 1,1Kg